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Breathwork & Movement

Mental fitness is just as important as - if not more than - physical fitness


You might be living in a physically healthy body, but if your mind is not in the right place you will not be able to change your lifestyle or commit to your workout and will have issues in other areas of your life too. One complements the other too. When you workout, your brain also releases “happy” hormones which help improve your concentration, focus and regulate your emotions. But the mind has to decide to start first. It is also easy to get trapped into the go hard or go home, non stopping, just DO it sort of mentality and neglect our bodies to rest and recover and specially to stop and just BE. That’s when you really get in touch with yourself and the inner work and transformation really happen. Just like training your muscles, you can train your nervous system to make it stronger, more flexible, resilient and adaptable. 


Mental fitness means keeping your brain and emotional health in top shape!


That’s why I have a weekly BREATHWORK & MOVEMENT CLASS

every Monday & Wednesday from 20-21

at  Joseph Ledelstraat 84, 2e etage, 2518 KM Den Haag

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Move to Heal Breathwork

This class is specially designed for people dealing and healing from anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, C-PTSD,chronic Fatigue, cronic pain and conditions, Fibromyalgia, IBS, ADHD, psychosomatic illnesses and for everyone who just want to live their life more mindfully, be more grounded and (re)connect with their body and mind 


  • We start with a  simple  breathing and grounding exercise to bring you to the present moment and prepare you for the class,

  • Then we d0 a 10 min tutorial on how to breath where you can re-learn it or practice the correct way of breathing

  • After,  we move into a movement practice such as Yoga, Somatic movement, Tai chi or Qi gong while using breathing throughout the whole practice to keep us grounding and prompt relaxation and recovery.

  • I like to finalise the class with a calming breathing exercise coupled with a restorative yoga pose and meditation or yoga nidra.

Check the videos on the right side to have a taste of the class.