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Move to Heal Online


Find here Somatic Practices+ 2 brand new full Breathwork & Movement Classes weekly! This is a bottom up approach focused on regulating your nervous system through movement. The practices and exercises here are specially designed to help you heal from anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, chronic pain and other chronic conditions. The way to do that is by regulating your nervous system and rewiring your brain through easy, short and fun body-mind practices. Every week I also upload 2 new Breathwork and Movement long lessons that you can do anytime you wish. You can also go back to previous classes and do any class you want any time as many times as you wish! Besides it, every week you will find a new video with short, yet very effective (and fun!) somatic tools and exercises to regulate your nervous system, raise vagal tone, heal your vagus nerve and help you heal and have more quality of life. All part of holistic healing and health. Let's heal together!

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3 Plans Available, From €40.00


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