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Ready to raise your energy, get motivated, improve your physical and mental wellbeing, release stress, anxiety, trauma while raising your vagal tone, reconnecting body and mind and becoming stronger inside out? 

Then come to train and to heal with me!



BOXING for ladies only

Boxing it is one of the most rewarding and complete exercises that you can possibly find for both body and mind. Boxing works almost every part of your body and is a great mental tool support. This is NOT a cardio only lesson. You will learn all the skills and techniques of this incredible sport from beginner to advanced. Boxing is very much mental as you have to move both sides of your body in different ways and directions at the same time. It teaches you patience and help you release difficult emotions such as anger, fear, grieve as it builds your confidence and self trust at the same time. On the physical side, you will burn fat, build lean muscle, endurance, improve your cardio-respiratory system, resulting in a better sleep and less stress. You will feel and look stronger and more confident than ever. We will work on your speed reaction, quickness, coordination, cardio, endurance, stress and anger management and strength both your body and mind while having lots of fun!


My own healing journey from burnout and C-PTSD showed my life purpose and gave me the skills to do it: help people suffering from long lasting psychosomatic symptoms and illnesses. My coaching sessions are for those who suffer from anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, burnout, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and other chronic illnesses that manifest physically in the body, but are generated from past negative experiences.

I am a strong believer that a healthy and stable connection between body and mind is key for physical, mental and emotional health and that is the foundation of my work. Thus, I work in a holistic manner, looking thoroughly into all aspects of your life such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, posture, habits, hobbies, body communication, social engagement and nervous system behaviour.

I offer 1-1 Coaching session for 3 purposes:

1- For Healing: If you want to learn body-centeres techniques and exercises to release stuck emotions or to help you cope and heal from depression, anxiety, trauma and (other) chronic illnesess, I will teach you tailor-made simple and yet powerful mind exercises such as breathing, tapping and other somatic techniques focused on stimulating the vagus nerve to give you tools to manage, improve and heal from what you need and take control back of your life and health. This is generally for people who tried other traditional Western Methods without much success. 

2- For Chronic or Adrenal Fatigue and/or Long Covid: With a background in personal trainer, Somatics and with a scientific approach, I help people suffering from chronic or adrenal fatigue, burnout or post-long covid to go from a Zero to Hero movement and fitness journey. In other words,  I can help you go from bed bound or very low energy (and high fear) to walking, exercising and having energy again to go around your day and enjoy more your life. I did it to myself and I am confident I can help you too.

3- For getting fit, losing weight, getting stronger: At the moment I am not offering 1-1 Personal training, however, I make personalised programs for you to workout on your own and the first session we do together. I  have a holistic approach, emaning that I will not lonly focus on the exercise part, but I will look into your lifestyle, how and what you eat, sleep, how is your social life, work and hobbies and will give you tips to make adjustments that will create a bigger impact on your whole fitness journey.

​In any way, Iwill look deep into all spheres of your life and habits and together alter and create a lifestyle that improves your quality of life so you can feel happier, healthier and fulfil your goals, whatever they are.

My biggest drive in life is help others out of pain and suffering and into happiness and peace.

Contact me now to find out how I can help you.


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