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Breathwork Workshop Saturday, 26/11 at 11:30




1 hour

About the Course

This workshop has no theory about breathing, like the ones before. We will get right into the magic world of Breathwork. First we will do some movement to warm up our body, mind and respiratory system. Then we will do different types of breathing, coming from energetic to start, then strong breathing followed by a meditative time and we will end-up with a chanting to facilitate a higher state of consciousness and connection with ourselves. After that you will lie in a long meditation state to allow your body, mind and heart to process it all and to enjoy the ultimate feelings of relaxation, joy and gratitude. Price: 20 euros for current clients (Move to Heal). 25 euros for past clients who don’t have a membership with me at the moment.

Your Instructor

I am a certified Breathwork and Restorative and Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and teach Breathwork and Movement.

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