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Boxing Personal Training

Boxing is one of the most rewarding and complete exercises that you can find for both body and mind. Boxing works almost every part of your body and is a great mental tool for support.


This is NOT a cardio-only lesson. You will learn all the skills and techniques of this incredible sport from beginner to advanced. Boxing is very much mental as you have to move both sides of your body in different ways and directions at the same time. It teaches you patience and helps you release difficult emotions such as anger, fear, and grief as it builds your confidence and self-trust at the same time.


On the physical side, you will burn fat, build lean muscle, and endurance, and improve your cardio-respiratory system, resulting in better sleep and less stress. You will feel and look stronger and more confident than ever. We will work on your speed reaction, quickness, coordination, cardio, endurance, stress, and anger management and strengthen both your body and mind while having lots of fun!

No matter your goals, we'll collaborate to create a tailored session that focuses on your level, skill and technique.

My greatest passion is to help others transition from pain and suffering to a life filled with peace and joy. Contact me today to learn how I can support you on your journey.

Want to refine your boxing skills and technique? Book a session with me!

My Qualifications

  • UK Centre of Excellence: "Fitness Coach"

  • NASM: "Behaviour Change Specialist"

  • Transformation Academy: "CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach"

  • Udemy: "Mindfulness Practicioner Level I, II and III"

  • Karim Benammar: "Mind Reframing" 

  • Red Cross Netherlands: "CPR and AED 2021"

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