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Mindful Movement Flow

Let your inner child out to play and Have Fun, Release, Relax and Reconnect!

  • Frederik Hendrikplein or Zuiderstrand Beach

Service Description

Crafted from my personal expertise and healing journey with movement, this unique and one-of-a-kind class is tailor made for the complexities and challenges of healing and coping with the stresses of daily life. WHAT This class integrates diverse practices such as: - breathwork, mindfulness, somatic movement - animal walk, primal movement - dance therapy, ecstatic dance and diverse forms of dance - yoga, tai chi, qigong and capoeira GOALS It aims to cultivate a deep sense of self-awareness and re-connection with the body and mind, while also fostering the restoration of trust, connection, and safety in relationships with others. A very fun and light healing class to: - release stuck and trapped emotions, trauma, energy, depression and anxiety - develop (self) trust, safety, confidence - practice mindfulness, to learn to be grounded, in the present moment - Let your inner child out to play and have fun - Release muscle stiffness and pain - Move efficiently with more ease and functionality - Bring more physical, mental and emotional balance and stability In other words, to MAKE YOUR ENERGY FLOW, to connect and free your Body & Mind

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  • Frederik Hendrikplein or Zuiderstrand Beach

    Frederik Hendrikplein 36, 2582 AX The Hague, Netherlands


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