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Move to Heal Crew

Here are some testimonials of my clients who took personal training, Boxing or Breathwork & Movement classes and workshops and 1-1 coaching with me:

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Personal Training: She is a very specialised and passionate Personal trainer who will give you all the advise and tips you need to achieve your goals. If you commit to her expertise, you will get great results. Since I started my journey with her and until now l am shocked by my results. In training she can really push you, but also take things step by step. I have learned a lot, grown a lot in body and mind, without any injuries. I would recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone at any level.

Group lessons have a great vibe and are a lot of fun. You can join easily at every level and get a great workout every time. The pointer you get in the classes are great and you will find yourself getting better every time you come back. All classes very much recommend!



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"I did both personal and group workout training. Dieiny is very dedicated and you can see it in every lesson how much she loves what she does and how much she wants to help you improve your body and mind. She helped me with both physical and mental goals and I absolutely love our sessions! With her help I could see that I am capable to do much more than I thought I could. Couldn't have a better trainer and coach!"



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Why Fanatiek Fitness? 

Sports and exercise have always been a big part of my life. I have tried many different forms of both team sports as well as individual training. Some have been truly life changing, others simply not for me. With Move to Heal I have now found the perfect combination for me. Group dynamics for fun and individual challenges for growth and progress and a class to relax and cool off.
Dieiny made her way into my life in my second season of taking group boxing classes when she joined the team of trainers. The energy that she brought combined with a very structured approach made me enjoy the training's even more. When she started her own business I did not hesitate to join. I have not regretted it for a moment. 
I have come to know Dieiny as a very (com) passionate person. She is a bad-ass and at the same time a very gentle and mindful coach.



No matter your fitness level, she is a strong believer that you can accomplish anything you set out to do. Her group sessions are challenging, but always with everyone’s personal fitness level in mind. Good form and proper execution are key for her. She explains in detail what each exercise is about and how to do them correctly. Clearly she takes her profession very serious and spends a lot of time designing the workouts. There is a lot of variety where exercises are taken from many different movement styles. Last but most certainly not least, the workouts are always filled with fun and joy. I’m truly happy to be part of the #movetohealcrew. 



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"With her mindful and holistic approach Dieiny provided me with the tools to get where I am today. I chose her to be my coach specifically because she has also been through a burnout. With her as my life coach, I changed my lifestyle by practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga. She also gave me insight and advise with my nutrition for recovery and for the physical part we took very easy, doing exercises when my body could handle it.. We worked on my posture, endurance and strength always keeping my mind in check. With her I had quicker results than ever before, but most important than anything, her program gave me back the mental and physical energy which I had lost too long ago. A very important thing for me is that she always been gender sensitive and had no problem to adapt to my needs and make me feel comfortable. In short, I went from thinking that I would never be able to leave my bedroom again to now where I feel stronger than ever and confidence to leave my life fully again."




Ana V R

I have been training here for about a month and it has been the best experience ever! A group full of wonderful and strong women being trained with an empowering, strong and caring trainer! Always looking forward to every class!

#prettyandstrong #empowering #caring

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Even when i'm totally stressed, i always feel better after working out with Dieiny and this amazing crew. Boxing lifts up my spirit and makes me feel totally empowered. It's a really supportive and motivating environment.


#stressrelease #empowering #motivation

Ana Paula

Boxing with Dieiny is for me is more than a fun workout, it’s beautiful fierce community with humans focused on selfcare and empowerment. Super recommend it!

#selfcare #empowerment #beautifulandfierce

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The workouts are amazing energy charging and mindful workouts with badass women and even more badass trainer!

Cannot be anything better on Saturday morning!

Love it!

#highenergy #powerfulladies #mindfulworkout 

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Dieiny has great, positive energy that she shares during her classes. Women empowerment, feeling good because you are taking care of your body and mind and last but not least: having a super fun workout, that is how I discribe Gigi's classes!

#energizing #empowerment #funworkout

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