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Next one: 01/10/23 at 9:30 in our Gym at Jan Willem Frisolaan 3D

As the name hints, this is not just a regular trial lesson. This a very special class, a Workshop where you will learn all the basics from Boxing in one and half hour. It's a class especially designed for someone with no zero or very little experience with boxing. If you never did boxing before, this is a perfect place to start!

By the end of this class you will be completely ready to join the regular classes.

The Workshops takes place once per month and there you will learn how to punch, receive, breath and footwork. I lead with love and compassion and will always tell you to take breaks and listen to your body.

Find all the detailed information about the Workshop bellow.

Knockout Ladies Boxing park

What to Expect

You will learn all the boxing basics: how to breath, punch, receive and footwork (to step and move with your feet).

I will explain everything into detail, step by step, in a slow tempo and we progress together from stepping to punching and receiving and making combos,  I always make fungames in between to keep the class as fun as possible.

What to Bring

Your beautiful self, an open min, a towel, yoga mat if you want for the floor and water

If you have gloves already you can bring, Otherwise, I will provide gloves for the trial.

Feeling Afraid

I totally understand how boxing can look agressive, but I am someone coming from a long healing journey, I am very compassionate, empathetic and lead with love and kindness. My class is an absolute safe environment for your body and also your emotions.  I put all my love in these classes and will always make you feel comfortable and safe.

Besides, This is more than a class. It's is a women's community , club and circle of empowerment and love.

How much 

It costs only 10 euros for one and half hour of workshop. After the trial, if you want to join you pay only 40 euros for a Special Welcome Membership. After that it costs 50 euros once per week and 60 euros for unlimited classes. You can also buy a 10classes workout card for 140 euros. Find more info on the tab MEMBERSHIPS

Location and Time

Time: The next workshop will be on Saturday 27/01 at 11:00 

Location: At our Knockout Ladies Gym at Jan Willem Frisolaan 3D - Den Haag

Enter on the normal door on the left side and go down the stairs to the garage

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Book Now

To book you can send me a DM on Instagram  , e-mail me on or just click on the button bellow to send me an e-mail directly. I am already looking forward to meeting you and showing you the magical world of boxing

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