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My Story & Motivation behind Move to Heal

strong empowered woman boxing push up fitness

My name is Dieiny, but you can call me Gigi. I am originally from Brazil, where I had a tough upbringing. My whole life I was in survival mode and always worked on jobs that I did not really like but had to do to pull through. With a dream in my head and a lot of effort, I made my way to Europe and moved to The Netherlands 6 years ago.


About 2 years ago I had a severe burnout and was forced to be in bed for months with nothing more to do than to face my fears and finally give myself time to stop and heal. That was one of the hardest things of my life, so hard that I am still recovering from it. However, that was also a defining life-changing moment for me as I realised that I never really had the chance to work on something that made my eyes shine when talking about it.


That's when I decided to pursue my dreams and work on something meaningful that would change people’s lives for the better too. The burnout made my life purpose very clear: help and empower others, especially women. And that is how I got here, with you surfing my website and reading these very lines right now.

I’ve been passionate about sports for most of my life, but due to the high trend of focusing only on the body aspect, I wasn’t very successful or happy with my fitness goals back then. I am naturally skinny and had my share of body image issues with that too, trying to fit into standards of beauty that are simply not realistic for my body shape. I’ve done crazy diets and worked out to exhaustion trying to build muscle and gain weight. Pointless to say that I wasn’t successful at it. After losing my grandma, I took medication that made me gain 12 extra kilos and that was rock bottom for me. I lost my self-confidence and that's when I decided to take fitness seriously.


So either way: too skinny or overweight I've been there. I got you!


I used to go to the gym for years, but I must admit that I never really enjoyed counting repetitions in my mind for one hour and competing for machines among guys who would be staring at me. That's why a few years ago, I started doing boxing and immediately fell in love with the power feeling and energy that it gave to me. I felt strong, confident and fearless like never before. It was also a great outlet for my anger and suppressed emotions. When I had the burnout I had to stop boxing, and entered the realm of callisthenics (body weight only), in search of a body-mind connection. I also love it as it gives me the feeling of working out for a skill rather than only for my physique as the gym time. Today, they are my both passions and one complements the other for me. For my mind, I practice mindfulness, breathing exercises and meditation daily and it changed my life. As a coach, I take the best of each style and mix them in the most effective and fun way in my workouts.


Fanatiek Fitness is a concept based on focusing on your fitness, both physical and mental.

I want you to fall in love with your body and mind fitness and with yourself on the way there.


Therefore, I want to empower you, so you can see your full potential and how worthy, beautiful and capable you are. I want you to become confident in living your best life while being healthy and happy especially loving yourself and having fun. My way to do that is by coaching you!


I offer group workouts only for women of all shapes, colours, sizes, backgrounds, origins and fitness levels. Every woman with a desire to improve something in her life and to empower herself is welcome. My main focus is Boxing and boot camps. Maintaining a proper form during the workouts is paramount for exercise efficiency and to avoid injury, so I am always keeping an eye on it and also offer little sessions of exercise form classes. Besides, I always connect the mental aspect to our workouts. High energy and fun is the most important thing in my sessions. I want you to enjoy so much what you are doing that you won’t realise that you are working out.

Please check the CLASSES page to learn more about the workouts.


I know from experience that being a woman almost comes with a set of rules on how we should live our lives, but I want to help you make that decision on your own and simply enjoy your life by being fit in your body and mind.

I want to empower you and make you believe that the sky is the limit for your dreams.

I did it, so I know you can do it too!

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

My Certifications

  • UK Centre of Excellence: "Fitness Coach"

  • NASM: "Behaviour Change Specialist"

  • Transformation Academy: "CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach"

  • Udemy: "Mindfulness Practicioner Level I, II and III"

  • Karim Benammar: "Mind Reframing" 

  • Red Cross Netherlands: "CPR and AED 2021"

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