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Online Programs

Check out our Somatic Practices offering, now featuring two fresh full Breathwork & Movement Classes every week! Dive into this bottom-up approach, centered on regulating your nervous system through movement.

Our practices and exercises are tailored to aid in healing from anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, chronic pain, and other persistent conditions. The key lies in regulating your nervous system and rewiring your brain through simple, brief, and enjoyable body-mind practices.

Each week, we release two new Breathwork and Movement classes for you to explore at your convenience. Feel free to revisit past classes and engage with them as often as you like!

In addition, you'll discover a new video every week showcasing short yet powerful (and fun!) somatic tools and exercises aimed at regulating your nervous system, boosting vagal tone, nurturing your vagus nerve, and enhancing your overall quality of life. These practices are integral to holistic healing and health.


Let's embark on this healing journey together!

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