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Knockout Ladies

Boxing for Women by a Woman

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Knockout Ladies is a wonderful circle of vibrant women from all over the world in all its all shapes and colours empowering each other and connecting through the love and power of Boxing.

This is not just a regular boxing class. It is a community of powerful and beautiful women. A Women's Boxing Club.  We train together and motivate each other, but we also have picnics, go for a coffee and even dancing together. 


I use the best of my abilities to use boxing as a mental aid tool, not only as a sport. I lead my class with compassion and love and will use all the wonderful tools of boxing to help you release stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and to get you confident, empowered and stronger inside and out.


Classes are outdoors in the Statenkwartier or at the Zuiderstrand

Monday and Wednesday from 19:00 - 20:00

Saturday at 9:00

On Friday morning I also give a Breathwork and Movement class. Also part of the Membership



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