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How can boxing help you?

Boxing is one of the most rewarding and complete exercises that you can find for both body and mind. Boxing works almost every part of your body and is a great mental tool for support. This is NOT a cardio-only lesson. You will learn all the skills and techniques of this incredible sport from beginner to advanced. Boxing is very much mental as you have to move both sides of your body in different ways and directions at the same time. It teaches you patience and helps you release difficult emotions such as anger, fear, and grief as it builds your confidence and self-trust at the same time. On the physical side, you will burn fat, build lean muscle, and endurance, and improve your cardio-respiratory system, resulting in better sleep and less stress. You will feel and look stronger and more confident than ever. We will work on your speed reaction, quickness, coordination, cardio, endurance, stress and anger management and strengthen both your body and mind while having lots of fun!

Boxing Training
"Boxing has become the first sport in my life that I'm genuinely passionate and dedicated to. It's aiding me in reconnecting my body and mind, fostering both physical and mental strength with every session."

Sophie - Joined August 2023

Boxing for Women by Women


Knockout Ladies forms an incredible community of vibrant women from diverse backgrounds, uniting to empower and connect through the love and strength found in the sport of boxing. Together, we celebrate our uniqueness and support each other in a shared journey of empowerment.


More than a typical boxing class, this is a community of resilient and inspiring women—a Women's Boxing Club. Here, we train together, inspiring and supporting each other while also fostering connections through shared moments like picnics and coffee outings.


Employing boxing not just as a sport but as a powerful mental aid, I lead my classes with compassion and care. Utilizing the myriad tools of boxing, I aim to guide you in releasing stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma. My focus is to foster confidence, empowerment, and holistic strength, both internally and externally.

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