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1-1 Coaching

Coaching for Healing, Getting Active again (fatigue) or Getting Fit

  • 1 hour
  • 1h- 60,5€ /30min 35€
  • Den Haag|The Hague|Jan Willem Frisolaan

Service Description

My coaching sessions are for those who suffer from anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, burnout, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and other chronic illnesses that manifest physically in the body, but are generated from past negative experiences. I will teach you tailor-made simple and yet powerful mind exercises such as breathing, tapping and other somatic techniques focused on vagus nerve health to give you tools to manage, improve and heal from what you need. With a background in personal trainer and a scientific approach, I help people suffering from chronic or adrenal fatigue, burnout or post-long covid to go from a Zero to Hero movement and fitness journey. In other words, I can help you go from bed bound or very low energy (and high fear) to walking, exercising and having energy again to go around your day and enjoy more your life. I did it to myself and I am confident I can help you too. I also make personalised Fitness Programs and give holistic advice (sleep, food, etc) for a lifestyle change focusing on getting fit. Please contact to make an appointment:

Contact Details

  • The Hague, Netherlands

  • Den Haag, Netherlands

  • Jan Willem Frisolaan 3, The Hague, Netherlands


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