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1-1 Lifestyle Coaching

Healing, Rediscovering Vitality, and Overcoming Fatigue

  • 1 h
  • From 35 euro
  • Van Loostraat

Service Description

My coaching sessions cater to individuals coping with anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, burnout, chronic pain, and fatigue—conditions often stemming from past negative experiences but manifesting physically. Through tailored, potent mind exercises like breathing, tapping, and somatic techniques targeting vagus nerve health, I equip you with tools to manage, improve, and heal. My approach, blending a personal trainer background with a scientific mindset, assists those grappling with chronic fatigue, burnout, or post-long COVID. I guide individuals on a transformative 'Zero to Hero' movement and fitness journey. Having navigated this journey myself, I'm confident in guiding you from low energy or being bed-bound to a more active, enjoyable lifestyle. I offer personalized fitness programs and holistic advice, addressing sleep, nutrition, and more for a lifestyle change focused on achieving fitness goals.

Contact Details

  • Van Loostraat

    Van Loostraat 142A, The Hague, Netherlands

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